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A simple guide to introducing yourself

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How do you create a good introduction post? Now I'm not the expert, but assuming what one might want to know of anyone else in order to gain a good idea, but not sit and read an entire autobiography, is probably a good start. Some points that may be good to try and answer might be:

¤ Age and sex.

¤ Where...

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Kahlua's Convention Check List

Note From Linx: This list is for any fur attending any convention. Some items may not apply to you or the convention you are attending. This list is subject to be updated at any time. :3

  • Important Items 
  1. ID 
  2. Important Cards (Health Card / Credit Card) 
  3. Bring Cash in dollar bills 
  4. Badge/Registration papers 
  5. Cell Phone 
  6. House Keys 
  7. Glasses
  8. Contact Information...

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AZ Furs Map

There is now a new AZ Furs map that will help you find other furs that live close to you! To view the map, click the "Furry Locator" button at the top of the page. The map is set up so that anyone can add a marker for their location. New markers must be approved before they will display on...

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How to Create a Page

Welcome to the tutorial!

You might have seen the 3 articles on the home page and thought to yourself, "I have something that could be published, how the bloody hell do I do that?"
Well this is the tutorial for you. :D

Step 1:

Think of something you want to write, like a fursuit cleaning tutorial. Then write it out in...

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