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Welcome to the tutorial!

You might have seen the 3 articles on the home page and thought to yourself, "I have something that could be published, how the bloody hell do I do that?"
Well this is the tutorial for you. :D

Step 1:

Think of something you want to write, like a fursuit cleaning tutorial. Then write it out in your favorite word processor, like Notepad or Microsoft Word. The reason for this step is that we do not have an auto save feature enabled on this site, so if you time out before you send it in, it will go bye bye.

Step 2:

Click on "Create Article"

Step 3: (Creating Content)

3.1 Now, lets get some information entered. In the Title field, go ahead and give your article a name, such as "How to build a head" or "Tips on making friends in the fandom."

3.2 Now that you got that, you will see the next field called alias. I suggest that you leave this blank, it will auto fill anyways. If you choose to use this, it is what shows up as the URL in the address bar.

3.3 Okay, now you should see the editor. It is a WYSIWYG editor like Word, very simple. Copy and paste your article from Step 1 into this field. If you choose to add images, you may link them from your gallery here, or from an image sharing site such as photo bucket.

3.3.a The image button is the picture of the tree. You will need the full URL of the image you wish to use. Once entered you can click insert and a live preview will be displayed.

Step 4: (The Wrap Up)

4.1 (Removed because it is no longer relevant)

4.2 The next section you will use is publishing. You will notice that you cannot select a category, and that is because there is only one category for user generated articles. More will be added if the need arises.

4.2.a Author's Alias: is only used when you are publishing an article for someone or do not want your username to be used. By default, anything entered here will remove your username from the article.

4.2.b Status: Usually do not change this.

4.2.c Featured: If you want this page to be displayed on the home page. :3 (Yes, I am leaving that up to you)

4.2.d Start and End: Only use this if it is a time based article. (Something you want to stop showing)

4.2.e Access: Who do you want to be able to see this? (Public = Everyone and their mother ; Registered = Anyone that has an account on this site ; All others do nothing, just a formality in the account process)

Step 5: (Saving)

That's it, now scroll to the top and click save. :D

Your article will be posted right away, no need to wait for the admins. If we deem it to be inappropriate we will remove it. If you post anything that is against out TOS, your account will be suspended. o3o

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