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There is now a new AZ Furs map that will help you find other furs that live close to you! To view the map, click the "Furry Locator" button at the top of the page. The map is set up so that anyone can add a marker for their location. New markers must be approved before they will display on the map. To add you location, click the large + icon on the top-right of the map. Add your name and description, then click "Click on a map location" to choose a location. I would suggest choosing your closest cross-streets. Obviously, we do not want to have exact addresses for privacy concerns. You can also add an image and choose a marker color. Click "Submit" when finished. Do not use your real name for the marker name, only your furry name. Also, keep in mind that this is not intended as an online dating service, so please do not add anything more than a brief description. Only add a secondary location if you have residence and spend a large portion of the year in that location (for example: one location during the school year, the other during the summer). If you would like to have your marker moved or removed, please PM me or post in the main thread that is stickied under "General Discussion".

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