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Hallowbowl 2019

Event Information
Event Title:
Hallowbowl 2019
Event Description:

Its time for our annual Hallowbowl. Brush up those fursuits and get your bowling shoes on.

2 hours of unlimited bowling + shoe rental should be about $21.00 with tax

1. If you are not bowling please purchase a drink/food item. We have a huge impact on this venue, sometimes negative, so even buying a simple soda goes a long way with keeping them happy
2. Halloween costumes are welcome! Just keep it family friendly, so nothing adult related.
3. Please keep aisle ways clear, don't congregate at doorways or pathways
4. The room is for cooling off, not a personal storage space. While someone will always be in the room, I STRONGLY recommend you keep personal items like purse/wallet/phone kept somewhere else. I am not there to babysit your stuff
5. The fans do not belong to you, they are there to keep the room somewhat cooler. Do not place your fursuit parts on the fans.
6. IF YOU ORDER FOOD PLEASE USE YOUR REAL NAME and not some nickname or joke. I cannot stress this enough, it is very frustrating to staff to run around calling a name that no one responds to. Keep track of what lane you are on and when food comes out.
7. THE HOURS ARE 6PM TO 11pm. This has been a reoccurring problem that people keep showing up at 5-5:30pm putting stress on staff for attendees being there before they are supposed to be. Plan to be there at 6pm, not 5:30pm. I know some people must carpool or take the bus, so please PLEASE plan accordingly. Staying past 11pm at the bar is fine, but if I say get out of the private room at 11pm so I can clean up don't just plant you butt down and make my life difficult.
8. This is not a place to be a dealer. Unless you are expressly dropping off a product, there is to be no commissioning or exchange of monies on the property. Again, this is another issue I have had to warn several of you guys about.


Date & Time

Event Date / Time:

Oct, 11th 2019 6:00PM


Oct, 11th 2019 11:00PM

2115 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204, USA
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