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Peter Piper Pizza Furmeet

Event Information
Event Title:
Peter Piper Pizza Furmeet
Event Description:

All arrangements were made by Heather Holmes so do keep in mind that this is HER event. Respect that she put work in to help the community when she did not have to.

First and third Saturday of every month, The meet will start earlier, as the venue closes at 11pm.

Here is the ruleset:

1) Respect the establishment, the people who put forth an effort to find somewhere to host an event and the other patrons. The event starts at 7pm and you are NOT to arrive before then.

2) Cover Charge:
There IS a cover fee. $2.00 per person (minor, guest yourself it applies to everyone.) which will need to be in cash and handed directly to myself or Heather. This cover fee reimburses Heather for paying the reservation fee for our section. If you do NOT have cash but have Paypal, I will give you my paypal email so it can be paid that way.

3) Food and Drink:
NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK. You are REQUIRED to purchase something even if it is a DRINK. If you are hungry, find some people and pool together to buy a pizza. I believe they do also sell single slices for those who would prefer not to share.

We will be directly with the public! IT IS ALL AGES.

Keep our names clean and if you are in suit, mind your manners. Watch your language and actions. There will be children and we all want a good light shown on our community. A slip here and ther on accident is fine but if you are caught doing it on purpose you WILL be asked to leave and not attend as part of our group. Watch for children and be mindful of your surroundings, as I know we have limited vision when in our suits. Your suit MUST be clean and smell nice. If you are a musky husky, you ALL know I will NOT hesitate to tell you to desuit and spray down or leave. Again, there are kiddos, pizza, drinks and probably cake. Grease and spills may happen and your suits are washable.

If there are ANY issues with comments from parents, ignore them, refrain yourself and let me know. I will handle it if needed. If there are any issues that are too far out of hand, Phoenix Police Department has an offficer on site for us to handle them.


Date & Time

Event Date / Time:

15th Sep, 2018 7:00PM


15th Sep, 2018 11:00PM

9620 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ 85051, USA
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