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Event Information
Event Title:
The Invasion! PFF ( also know as comic con.... cough)
Event Description:



So... I heard that there is a group of us that meets for comic con every year. Well this year lets make it big!! that's right! Im talking about Invasion of PFF furrs!

When? May 23 to the 26th 2019

Group on telegram for up to date info "Message @nekobunny to join the group!!!


Phx fan Fusion 2019 is the group name but i have it set to invite


*** update info.


Working on group photo day i would like to see with you all what would work better time wise. Remeber lots of pannels going on and events. Keep that in mind i suggested 10am Saturday so venders can join in the picutre as well. I also heard 1pm on Saturday


Date & Time

Event Date / Time:

May, 23rd 2019 12:00PM


May, 26th 2019 12:00PM

Phoenix, AZ, USA
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