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Taiyou-con Meetup?

10 Dec 2013 16:42 #654 by Kujo
Taiyou-con Meetup? was created by Kujo
Taiyou 2014 Site

I know there's already an event made for a room party, but I didn't see anything about a meetup. I'm planning on going the whole weekend and I would be more than happy to organize a meetup on one of the days for photos and to meet people if anyone else is interested. Doesn't have to be anything special, can just be more of a gathering for a bit of whoever is planning on going to this con. I was planning on fursuiting as well as one of my friends with me, but it'd be good to know which day to plan for it.

I was thinking maybe sometime during the day on Saturday would be good? And we could all meet together in the lobby or something, but I'm open to other suggestions.

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11 Dec 2013 16:52 #686 by Rayven Dealomous
Replied by Rayven Dealomous on topic Taiyou-con Meetup?
Taiyou is honestly a meh con, thus why I set up the bowling meets and the rooms parties to overlap the con. While I will be staying at the hotel both Friday/Saturday, most fursuiters will not show up until Friday afternoon or Saturday Afternoon. We tried to get a group meetup last year, but were displaced from the front lobby by staff and a homestuck group, and spent about 2 hours waiting around the pool area for people to show. After fooling around in my room for a few hours we all went downstairs at around 7pm Saturday and DesertFox got a few good shots of us.

There is a nice pavilion across the street that we also did a few shots at as well, so that may be a good area to have a meetup as well. But during the day, that paticular area has not been great when it comes to safety lately, and the police were patroling the area last year due to so many complaints about people walking around with fake guns. So Saturday afternoon, between 1-3pm would be my honest answer to trying to get a meet going.

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15 Dec 2013 16:07 #742 by TheDesertFox
Replied by TheDesertFox on topic Taiyou-con Meetup?
I've added this to my calendar, so barring any unexpected situations I am good to go. Its unlikely I'll be suiting as I have more fun doing portrait photography on the fly, but expect to see me taking advantage of the bar, for sure. The Hilton had better carry some decent craft beers on tap this time. No Budweiser for me!

The tricky part about this hotel is scouting out low-traffic areas with soft, natural lighting, but I have a few spots in mind to work with. I'd love to run a few photo sessions with the fur-suiters, so I look forward to seeing ya'll there. Let's get a meetup scheduled - I'd love to join in.

- The Desert Fox

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