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Saboten con skit contest :D

28 Jul 2014 14:41 - 28 Jul 2014 14:41 #2070 by Mara
If I put this in the wrong spot, please move it, or let me know and I'll change it. :)

Hey! Those who are going to saboten con, there will be a skit contest! Here is some information. This is a perfect event for furries or anyone else because any genre can be in it! (ex: Dr Who, sci-fi, American cartoons, tv, and movies, and of course furries) ^.^

"The Saboten Con Skit Contest is a skit competition. The Skit Contest is open to those who enjoy performing in front of an audience (lip-synching, dancing, acting, etc.) and allows a longer time limit per entry than the Saboten Con’s Masquerade. There will be no craftsmanship judging in this contest. Costumes may be purchased, commissioned, rentals or handmade."

Contest rules and more information:

Contest Submission: (Have to be logged into the site to register)

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