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Volunteers for AFC (Free memberships!)

19 Sep 2014 21:32 #2190 by Mara
Hi guys! AFC is coming up fast and I know some people haven't bought their membership yet. I have a possible solution to that! If you volunteer 4 hours for one day, you can get a free membership in for that day. You can get a full weekend membership if you volunteer 12 hours. (4 hours each day, or 12 together on your first day).

Areas that need volunteers at the moment:
Headless Lounge
Line control (part of security)
dealer's den
general assisting directors and managers

Fill out for volunteering here:

We are also looking for guest liaisons. You must be 21 and if interested you should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (It says sabotencon, but it is working for AFC guest liaison heads atm.)

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10 Oct 2014 02:03 #2213 by Kahlua Fennec
which areas still need volunteers, got ppl that might be interested?

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