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Tucson Furs: Kool Kids Van Ride up to AZFC.

26 Oct 2014 21:36 #2269 by Otteronymous
Howdy folks.

Foxonymous and I will be loading up our van and heading up to AZFC this year. We have space for 7 other folks who would like to tag along. The van is a large and comfy conversion van meant for cross country travel, so we aren't going to be cramming you into a mini-van or shuttle bus.

We will be leaving on the 30th (Thursday) after 4:00pm at the earliest, and 7:00pm at the latest depending on how many people we need to pick up.

We plan on leaving Phoenix on the 2nd (Sunday) no earlier than 6:00pm, but no later than 8:00pm, again, depending on how many people we need to drop off.

If you're strapped for cash we'll ride you up for free and put some food in your belly to boot, otherwise $10-$20 or so would be nice to cover fuel costs. We will likely drive to pick you up, but keep in mind that we are leaving from the airport region of town, so if you live on the far northeast side, or reside in Vail we ask that you meet up with somewhere closer to the freeway.

If you're interested, let me know ASAP so I can finalize a pickup route and time schedule. If you have any questions also feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can make any accommodations. Either way, we both look forward to seeing you mangies up in Phoenix!
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27 Oct 2014 12:28 #2270 by Linx Aether
That is very awesome of you two to offer. :D

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29 Oct 2014 16:30 #2271 by SoulDiamond
Do you guys have a hotel room rented? I have everything planed out but the room, I can even pay for the food.

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