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24 Jun 2015 03:49 - 24 Jun 2015 03:50 #2931 by Bryant Fox
If you are planning to attending please e-mail me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. just for logistical purposes.

Okay, first off yes, more sci-fi puns in the name!

Camping, in Near PAYSON. With SPECIAL GUEST CAMPERS Telephone Ring Ring, returning because she's awesome and Comet the Reindeer by popular request and because Comet is awesome.. Possibly more special guest campers to come! Please email me with your suggestions.

This gets long but please read the whole thing.

WHEN: September 9rd(late afternoon) through September 13th Late afternoon! (come for a day, come for the entire time.. It's all up to you )

WHERE: Location is Woods canyon lake in Payson, AZ, the ASPEN campsite. We will be utilizing the same campsites visible in the video on Tucson furs. This year I'm planning to bring some folding tables and more collapsible canopies so we can set up in the field and play card games or hang out.

Some info on the campsite:

I shall add that there is a small cost to attend, as there is a fee for the sites. This has averaged around $8 per person for the entire weekend, as sites accommodate up to 8 people (though nobody has come by and counted noses), and cost $16 per night.

The vanguard will be arriving to begin set up around noon-3pm on september 9th. I'll leave notice at the campsite entrance of where we'll be, just tell them you're looking for Bryant or the Furries. I'll also place the information at the various scenic overlooks, probably on paper plates tacked to the signs.

There will also be a Kuub set, for epic games of throwing wood blocks and sticks at other wood blocks and sticks.

Activities include camping, fishing, fursuiting, cooking, napping, boating (boats can be rented at the lake if you do not have your own), hiking, dancing around the fire like a bunch of pagans, etc. There will be a crawfish boil on Saturday night (this is provided I can catch enough crawfish but we saw tons of them last year so I think we can pull it off!).

There is also bird and animal watching. We saw bald eagles last year, as well as fishers, various hawks, and an Elk who came to hang out in our campsite!
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09 Jul 2015 02:47 #2994 by Neacollietan
Sounds like a lot of fun! Is there an age requirement to be able to attend?

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21 Aug 2015 19:29 #3068 by Dante
Just got back from a camping trip up near Flagstaff with my Dad. I'd like to note that if this campground is anything like the one I was at, we had an extra $8/day charge per vehicle. So... if you're sharing a campsite but all coming in different vehicles, that might be something to consider.

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08 Sep 2015 00:03 #3118 by Dante
I don't know if bumping is allowed, but this is coming up now... tomorrow! I'm so excited, I have so much to do, too. Anyone else on here coming?

-Dante ^_^

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08 Sep 2015 18:54 #3121 by Wico
Ill be coming up!!!, but not tomorrow ill be driving up on Thursday.
P.S. This is my first fur-suiting event! really looking forward to it! :woohoo:

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