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Second Friday Downtown Mesa!

11 Nov 2015 02:42 #3296 by Crumpet


Join us for a Fursuit walk and romp in downtown Mesa for the monthly art walk / crawl!!

Keinse and I are planning to head down there and be ready to walk by 6:00pm. There IS a music festival of some sort beginning around that same time so try and be there early, please! It's a smaller walk than First Friday but it's still a bit large.

We'll be meeting in the parking lot of SUBWAY at MAIN AND ROBSON .

Please note that this is a PUBLIC EVENT and you are expected to behave accordingly. Remember, we do not own downtown Mesa, the art crawl or the sidewalks. we are simply enjoying a Furry Crawl upon it and it's inhabitants! wink emoticon This walk takes between 1 hour to 4 hours - depending on if anything crazy is going on. I know this week is a music Festival of some sort so make sure you have a waterbottle with you. HYDRATION IS KEY I AINT PLAYIN AROUND PEOPLE.

This is also a way to help shed GOOD light on furries / the fandom.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:


-Your own PARKING (The parking lot we park in is normally open as heck).

-Your own HANDLER if you suit (if someone isn't suiting this does not mean they automatically become a handler, fursuiting does not grant you demanding rights). If something starts going sour, I will not hesitate to rip my head off and regulate but I would prefer to not have to do this.

-Your own SAFETY (While we are suiting in a group, we may become separated. I'm sure we'll be easy to find but in the instant that you are very excited to have rejoined us…do NOT play Frogger with cars. Also, even though it's become significantly cooler out, hydration is still extremely important!)

-Your own SANITATION (the fact that this even needs to be said is beyond me, but please please please…PLEASE DO NOT come smelling like a cess pool or other undesirable scent that makes people even question "what smells so bad?")

NEW RULE HERE: If you plan on walking with us, DO NOT BRING A BICYCLE. We walk!
There was a person this past art-walk that had a bicycle and kept running into our legs, causing one suiter to fall and a little scuff on Crumpet's fur (easily repaired and thankfully m suit instead of someone else's). A little giggle and no apology doesn't go well with me. If there is a bicycle, you will be required to lock it up if you plan on being around us. I WILL NOT Have it. If you put up an argument, you WILL NOT be invited back with our group.

***Keep in mind that this will be a rather crowded venue. We will be stopped and asked for photos multiple times, there are children, there can be disrespectful people and some areas that are a bit darker than normal.***

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14 Nov 2015 08:19 #3312 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic Second Friday Downtown Mesa!
Looked like there was a good sized (but tired) group outside the Subway at about 9 or 9:15. Was anyone taking pictures?

Bawk Bawk Bawk-a-thrice Here comes the Cockatrice

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