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AZFC Roomies

14 May 2014 03:24 #1745 by Uhhnonymouse
AZFC Roomies was created by Uhhnonymouse
Ok, guys. With the inevitable decision for the next AZFC's date coming up, combined with the fact that I NEED to plan shit out ahead of time (or risk not doing it at all), I would like to know who would be interested in sharing a room with me for the duration of the con? I know I asked a few months ago, but I find myself growing anxious to find out if anyone is interested in joining me and **POSSIBLY** a small crowd of furs in a single hotel room to help save on room costs. For anyone who's actually interested, I'd like to have a get-together sometime, preferably during a normal meet, so I can make sure that you're sane and not a complete asshole..... (there's only enough room for ONE asshole in my hotel room, and I'm already taking up that slot!)

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14 May 2014 19:36 #1747 by DuBois
Replied by DuBois on topic AZFC Roomies
As far as I'm aware, a hotel still has not been chosen yet. The website is also down at the moment, though a cached page shows it was up yesterday, so maybe they are updating it. Hopefully they work something out soon, since its coming up pretty quick now.

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