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Any surprise furs???

15 Feb 2015 18:45 #2637 by Toxic Wolf
hello my fellow furs. I was wondering if there where any furs out here other then just me my mate willow and another fur furend we know of tremy. We love legend of zelda, pokemon, animal crossing, hiking the white tank mountains and hanging out at up town alley. We would love to meet new furs and maybe arrange some meet ups around here!

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30 May 2015 20:37 #2773 by Amethyst Vertigo
Hello Toxic Wolf! I posted a hello in the Northwest Furs, since I didn't know where Surprise would fit in. My mate and I live in Surprise as well, and have been here since 2009 (my real suit is a military uniform), since I work at Luke. Hope you and your mate are enjoying the area so far. My mate and I have been to a few IHop meetings, but that's the closest meetups for us, usually. Hope to chat with you soon, and we plan to go to the Cornish Pasty meetup in June (Tempe?) as well as this year's convention. Welcome! :)

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06 Sep 2019 23:01 #5301 by Ollie the wolf
Replied by Ollie the wolf on topic Any surprise furs???
I was wondering the same thing, yes I live in surprise, in fact I live right down the street from uptown Alley


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