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Tumble Suits!

08 May 2014 20:29 #1663 by Tumble Dry
Tumble Suits! was created by Tumble Dry
Okay, this is a LOOOOONG overdue post, and in this fit of over compensating for my extended absence I'm gonna put up some photos of the suits I've built since joining up with the Furries last September.

That's me! Tumble Dry Panda. I really need to do a new photoshoot now that I've done a little work on his body, but it's my first suit and I love him. :P

This one was a bit of a conundrum. Being a new member of the community, I had no idea that I was cutting a little close to home on someone else's design. (gulp!) And I have been punished soundly for it, as the internet is a terrifying place. This guy is set for a make over to smooth over some of that drama, but I did win an award for building him, which is pretty cool!

Despite his issues, this was the first suit I ever sold! (To the incredibly talented and wonderful Taxi Pony.) She has been working with me to improve on this guy for a while and we're going to keep making him better.

It's Pocket! This one has been by and far, my favorite suit. Another creature design, (this time carefully researched so as not to step on any toes) Pocket was a combination of a dragon, a panther and a koi fish!

This is definitely not the last of the suits I will be building, as I've caught the bug for it. Things can only get better!

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