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Sunshine vs. Spikey

13 May 2014 13:49 #1728 by Sunshine
Sunshine vs. Spikey was created by Sunshine
So I was just going through FA's pictures for lineart and I saw something that really really TICKED ME OFF!

First I'll show you pictures of Sunshine and then PatrikTheDog the former owner of her when she was known as Kocur. And then...Spikey....

My picture:

Pictures of Kocur:

Spikey's Ref:

I know the tail is a bit different as well as the ears and the paws, but you still what I'm so ticked off about? :angry: :pinch:

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13 May 2014 15:02 #1732 by Kahlua Fennec
Replied by Kahlua Fennec on topic Sunshine vs. Spikey
i wouldnt get too worked up D: there are many yellow and black foxes out there but yours has a very unique pattern on the legs

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