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Need help with desgining a head and paws!

23 Sep 2014 20:37 #2193 by Austin (Frostybone)
Okay so here is my situation...

A friend and myself were sitting in a car a couple of days ago and I told him "Alex I joined AZFurs.." Expecting him to think I am weird and get out of the car he looked at me and said "That's Awesome!" Turns out he is a fur as well but has kinda kept it secret like myself.. We have been friends with each other for 5 years and he has never told me.. I told him about the up coming AZFC and asked him if he wanted to go... He said only if we could dress up.. So here I am looking all over the web on how to make fursuits :P
We concluded that we wanted to just do a head and paws then we will dress up in something like button ups and vests.. While I am confident in my crafting abilities I am not so sure in my artistic abilities.. I am struggling to design the head and paws.. I need this to use as a reference in order to make the base and fur design.. I come to what I consider my Second family asking for help.. I need an artist to work with me to help me design this outfit so Alex and I can come out as furs and be proud of it!

I have pictures of some heads I saw that I liked and know the types I just need someone to put it on paper..

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