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09 Jan 2014 22:37 - 09 Jan 2014 22:41 #1022 by Dante
Ghosts!!! was created by Dante
So I was randomly running around the internet today when I thought to myself, "let's make a thread about ghosts and see what other furs think." So here we are!

Do you think they exist? Have you had any personal experiences to back up your claims?

I've personally had some freaky stuff happen in this house - although nothing weird seems to happen now. It actually left me kind of on edge, so that I would have a hard time living completely alone. Cowardly chicken, I know. After all, every once in a while, I'll wake up in the morning finding that I turned the light on in the middle of the night, even if I feel this place is fine now.

Most of the crazy stuff for me happened when I was younger - and it mostly happened up stairs. It was hardly just me, though. My mother wouldn't go up here (I'm upstairs right now) either. She said it had a kind of evil feeling to it, and it felt like she was being watched, even though we were the first people to live in this house. My first memory goes back to when I was two. I woke up one morning and felt like my feet were burning - so I went into the bathroom upstairs and climbed onto the counter to put my feet under the water faucet. When I got up there, I looked into the mirrors on the wall. Back in the bathroom behind me, I saw a large, as in 4-5 inch diameter, eyeball. It had a blue iris and it floated in the air... oh, and when I flipped my head back and forth to look at it, it was only visible in the mirror but when I looked behind me there was nothing there.

Now of course, this could just be the dreams from the active imagination of a two-year-old, but there were a couple of other weird things about it. Recently I talked to my sister about it, she used to sleep upstairs as well and she remembers the day too. She woke up and ran to find me on the counter when I screamed at the top of my lungs (I don't remember anything that happened after looking back and forth a couple of times - that's where my memory ends). My Mom also remembers that when she went into my room that day, it smelled like smoke and my feet were bright red as if lightly burned from walking on something hot.

My father also worked rotating shifts and every time he worked the night shift, a light bulb in the house would go out, but not when he was home.

Then, another time, while my father was working nights, I was playing with toys on the floor. I was older then and getting into a skeptical science streak. I felt that almost everything could be explained by some kind of science. While playing, I made sound effects (you know the kinds, explosions, laser blasts, ect.) While playing around, suddenly the lights flickered on and off in the house - except they went out every time I made a laser sound and came back on when I was silent. I had done it three times in a row and thought it funny - paused, then tried it again. The lights followed. Three more times, perfectly in-sync to my sounds. By then, this got my mothers attention and we started talking about how odd it was, but I felt that all of this could be disproven, by a challenge. I told her that I had an experiment that would prove it was just a coincidence. I would go upstairs and challenge the non-existant ghost, by saying "I know there are no such things as ghosts and you don't exist." It was my idea, not hers.

Well, I went upstairs and I did exactly that. The moment after the words left my mouth, the lights in the house went out and stayed out until after I reached the bottom of the stairs. I was terrified out of my wits.

Like I said, nothing odd like that happens around here now, but things like that during my childhood really freaked me out as an adult so that I never really feel comfortable sleeping in a place.

EDIT: Also, for the record, I didn't sleep upstairs for most of my youth, despite having my own room. My parents tried bribing me, but I just would not sleep up here. It took years for me to feel safe enough to sleep up here and even now, I often sleep on the couch downstairs.
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