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PDFC Meetup?

01 Jan 2020 11:10 - 01 Jan 2020 11:35 #5316 by Game_Addict
PDFC Meetup? was created by Game_Addict
Hello again! I am glad to announce that I will be attending PDFC. My main problem is that I moved down here around a week ago, so I haven't gotten to make many friends online. I was hoping I could meet some people at PDFC. Please respond if you would like to meetup or talk.

-Some Cool Potato
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02 Jan 2020 11:46 #5317 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic PDFC Meetup?
First of all, I hope you have fun!

I'd suggest picking a panel or an event that seems interesting to you (you'd consider going to it anyway, by yourself) and try to build a group based on that.

I noticed Painted Desert's site, also has some social tools for talking to other people who are going to be there.

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