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Fast Food Workers: Meet the Robots

09 Sep 2014 20:41 - 09 Sep 2014 20:42 #2175 by Dante
I'm passing on the following information as I heard it today in a small business course. In fact, we've been talking about the FFW for a while, but only today did I find out a likely solution the business community is pushing towards. Sadly, the only thing I can offer to fast food workers is the conclusion that unions are drooling over you. You represent $35 million in revenues each month to them - not sure if that makes you feel good or not (it's a right-to-work state anyways). Unfortunately, that doesn't help you if companies choose another option instead. Remember how I've been talking about that robotic revolution?

Well, that took off sooner than I thought. Of course, the price is right if compared to $15/hour, as it currently pays for itself in less than a year, if it works as advertised. It also works nights, weekends and is supposedly more sanitary. If generalized beyond hamburgers, we're talking the eradication of 40% of workers at most fast food restaurants, presuming they don't replace the clerks with self check-out lines like they do at grocery stores (another option presented) at which point you could practically run the store on one or two people. In total, this would eradicate 1.4 million+ jobs, and despite the companies claims at the bottom of the page, there is no way the world will be able to employ 1.4 million new engineers. I know - if they could, I wouldn't be working to start my own business.

Still, if you happen to be a line cook looking to get an engineering degree, you might want to poke them and see if they'll help with tuition, because that sure as heck hasn't gotten any cheaper. Otherwise, it's something to keep an eye on in determining whether your current vocation has any future stability.
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09 Sep 2014 21:08 #2176 by DuBois
Yeah, its kinda scary. It doesn't just apply to fast food workers and store clerks, but to a good majority of jobs. I started to become more aware of this recently after watching this VERY related CGPGrey video:

I recommend everyone give that a watch to get an idea of where our civilization is headed. While I don't agree 100% with some of the points he made, I think it paints a fairly accurate picture.

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