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Nerf Guns!

14 Nov 2014 00:43 - 14 Nov 2014 00:44 #2388 by Latrans
Nerf Guns! was created by Latrans
Not exactly furry-related, but I suspect this is a topic that people here could appreciate. :silly:

So the past couple days, my ladyfriend and I have been poking around the local thrift store and have come up with a surprising number of Nerf blasters. Over the course of about a week we've picked up four Maverics , a Firefly and a Rapidfire . None of them had ammo or accessories, but I think we came out ahead.

The Maverics were all different prices. $0.75, $1, $1.25, $1.50. Getting these ready for use was everything from "brand new out of the store" to "need the Dremel and JB Weld". I started all of them by removing the air limiters. This increases the range significantly. The two practically new ones were otherwise untouched. The other two both needed a complete tear-down, parts wash, greasing and rebuild. They were obviously VERY well loved by the kids that had them: packed with mud, covered in scuffs and rather sun faded. The most technical one had issues with the cylinder dropout. I had to grind down the center pieces on the back of the cylinder and, despite my guess-and-check approach, it is now ready to start slinging foam again.:D

The Firefly, the most expensive at $4, was practically brand new. Put in some batteries and the strobe even worked. I did tear it down to remove the air limiters but that was it. Now we just need some glow-in-the-dark darts. :cheer:

The Rapidfire was $2 and needed a little tweaking to get up and running. It was also the most technical fix as it required more than just a tear-down/rebuild. The air limiter had frozen shut. Unlike the other guns, this limiter is glued deep inside the action. I ended up having to cut the action in half and drill the limiter out with my trusty DeWalt then glue it all back together. Plastic cement turned out to be FAR too weak so it's now held with a healthy amount of JB Weld. I find it mildly humorous that we are likely to spend eight times as much on an ammo drum than we did on the gun it will go into. :roll:

Really, I should have been taking pictures of all this to share with people. :|

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