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It'd Be Much Easier..

13 Dec 2014 17:44 #2513 by Soot
It'd Be Much Easier.. was created by Soot
If we just had a store for all of the furry needs to maintain/make a fursuit. Just had a talk with my friend in Canada about this, lol.
Talking in dream land obviously; if we had a store/coffee lounge for furries/fur suit makers to buy their foam, resin supplies, fur, brushes, etc. through a ground store instead of going to multiple stores in hopes they have what you need and waiting for online deliveries. I don't know. It'd make life much easier. Plus you can have a workshop there to do what you need - have lockers or a back room to store your projects.

Coffee lounge is restricted to not allowing food or drinks past a certain part so not to ruin anything. Etc.

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14 Dec 2014 17:09 #2514 by Luke Wolf
Replied by Luke Wolf on topic It'd Be Much Easier..
Sounds like what you really want is a variant of what is known as a hackerspace, just with a supplies store hooked up to it. It's not a bad idea in principle, but it would require someone to actually commit to setting up and running such an establishment. Long term we probably are going to see such things pop up just as hackerspaces have as well as gaming stores and the like, but someone needs to start it.

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14 Dec 2014 22:49 #2515 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic It'd Be Much Easier..
That sounds like a cool idea. What if it were mobile? Get an old school bus or something, rip out most of the seats, and drive around to cons. You could offer space, materials and equipment for cleaning, you-it-yourself alterations or repairs...have lots of glowing accessories for sale, too. :>

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