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Phoenix-Area Furs Looking For a Roommate?

04 Jul 2015 17:09 #2986 by Zzyzx Wolfe
I'd post this in one of the location boards, but I'm not too particular about where, so long as it's somewhere in the Phoenix metro area. I work driving for Lyft & Uber, so I can be fairly flexible about where I live. Anyhow, if anyone or anyone you know is looking for a roommate, I'm looking to rent a room pretty soon here, and I'd much rather rent with someone I know or at least someone I have something in common with, rather than a complete stranger off of Craigslist, if possible.


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07 Jul 2015 00:32 - 07 Jul 2015 00:35 #2990 by Sagewolf
I have a room for rent in Mesa, near the Gilbert/Baseline crossroads. It's a basic, small room in an older house I'm currently in the process of fixing up. It's not much, but the utilities and internet are included. Feel free to ask me for details.
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