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24 Oct 2015 23:51 #3235 by Kahlua Fennec

"Unfortunately, thanks to management conflict. FURHOP IS SHUT DOWN TEMPORARILY.
Me(PK) and Lane will be working quickly to find a new venue, but if you know of people who are not part of this page, please spread the word. We are no longer at IHOP. I will post any and all updates. If you have suggestions of venues, you may post here.
Thank you."
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26 Oct 2015 12:30 #3236 by TheDesertFox
Oh no!

I'll pull this event from my calendar. Hopefully they can find a new venue quickly. The only issue I had with IHOP was that the noise levels got too high too quickly which made it difficult to stick around for more than an hour. Other than that, it was a lot of fun to do round robin sketching with various folks there.

- The Desert Fox

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07 Nov 2015 16:44 #3275 by StardustTheOrca
Any new news on this? Such a shame that this is happening again, i remember when the meetups where at Village INN

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