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Frozen- the Disney movie not the recent weather :P

19 Dec 2013 09:15 #801 by Stargazer Starpanthress
So I had a chance to see this a few days ago and I was blown away by the way they made winter look positively breathtakingly beautiful. I did not get to see it in 3D, but can easily imagine how it would have only further added to the movie.

The story definitely went in ways that took me by surprise, so won't discuss details here for those that haven't seen it yet, but I think you will definitely be entertained. My favorite character has to be the reindeer Sven, he added a bit of humor and the dynamic between him and Kristoff was very well done.

Some reviewers complained about the "musical" feel to the movie, but it really didn't feel like that much of a musical to me, and besides, it is classic Disney animated story telling so singing should be expected. That said, the music itself was very fitting to the scene, except for the opening song during the intro as that felt far more like lilo and stitch to me.

So if anyone else has seen it, what are your thoughts?

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