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Leon's MUSIC!!!

05 Dec 2013 21:31 - 08 Dec 2013 23:26 #244 by Leon Loco
Leon's MUSIC!!! was created by Leon Loco

Anyway. Since there is a new forum for us AZ Furs, and no one's put anything in the music section; Might as well take advantage and be the first.

I am one like one of the three furries in the state that is in a metal type band; one is in my band and the other is in his own band and is making Tucson WREAK EVERYTHING with his tracks [Check him out: : ]

Now; this is about my band; SABAFAL. We could use all the support we could get as we are gonna start grabbing gigs.
Hit the links below; gives us a like, follow us, and subscribe if you like.
>We have practice videos on here. They are very bad sounds quality as they are recorded on my camera, but that's all we have till we can offered to record or songs

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