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Better Integration and Features [VOTE]


Poll:Which do you want?

The old system!
9 90%
The new system!
1 10%
Total number of voters: 10 ( Inuxis, Stargazer Starpanthress, Amirrah, Luke Wolf, Kahlua Fennec ) See more
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12 Dec 2013 20:41 #725 by Linx Aether
We are currently about to upgrade the system. What I need to know is if you would like to see something like this. The only down side is the site may need to go offline for a day in order to upgrade.

Old System:
- Everything is separate, but integrated. Such as profile pics are the same across the site, and profile info is the same across the site.
- The current events system does not allow reoccurring events, but this will be changed by January.
- Image gallery has its own area, but is also on the users profile
- Profiles are profiles for the users, simple and useful

- Comments on profiles (wall)
- Map users
- Better privacy controls
- Groups

New System:
- Similar to facebook
- Every user gets a wall
- Galleries are on user profiles, but can be posted like we have now
- Privacy controls (Public, Friends, Registerd Users, Only me)
- Events is integrated allowing guests and registered users to respond
- Groups (similar to facebook)

- Map users

So basally do you want it to be like a private AZfurs Facebook, or more like what it is now?

I am the admin, Hear me mew!

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13 Dec 2013 10:14 #731 by Antnommer
I'm voting for the system that we have. The Facebook group is irritating to comb through, as it's just people's random nonsense posted there, shoving everything else further down. There are no categories or anything. Plus, while I appreciate privacy controls, I wonder that it might self-segregate the community on here. I feel the forum style we have encourages more open discussion.

Those are my thoughts. I'm sure someone can make a compelling argument for the new system.
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13 Dec 2013 11:00 #732 by Zeno Citium
hmm, i have to agree with antnommer. i see a lot of things get lost on facebook walls. i like the forum idea. just wish it was easier to see unread posts.

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13 Dec 2013 15:43 - 13 Dec 2013 15:58 #736 by Luke Wolf
I'm voting for the old system with the caveat that I wouldn't be opposed to having a G+ or facebook style system in addition to but not replacing the forum. Both serve very different roles that do not replace each other.

To Clarify:
-Open Serious Discussion
-Place for Everyone to come together to discuss things
-Public (to the userbase)

-Social Blathering
-Closed dynamic Groups
-Easier Multimedia, Tagging (nice to find content relevant to you), etc...
-Focused on the individual and their groups

If you do do a facebook/G+ thing in addition... here is one thing I do request: the ability to create a tag blacklist.

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16 Dec 2013 16:52 #748 by Amirrah
Definitely keep it like this. We already have a Facebook Group for those who like Facebook. This is how I meet new furries and talk to the community as a whole. If it were "Friends-based" by default, the way Facebook is, then everyone would section off into their tiny cliques and I'd have no way of meeting new furries.

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