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Jobs in Deer Valley

10 Jun 2014 08:54 #1903 by Sunshine
Jobs in Deer Valley was created by Sunshine
Is there anyone that works in Deer Valley that can help me get a job somewhere? I almost owe my friend that I'm living with $1,000. This has been accumulated in almost 2 months. He said if I get to or over $1,000 he is kicking me out. As you all know I'm not from around here and I have nothing here. I have only 13 months in customer service and I don't want anything that deals up front and personal with a customer. I have lip piercings and I know I won't get hired because of them if it deals in customer service. I have about 2 weeks or less to find a job or I'm out. I have no money to go home so I would be homeless here. He also has been a total ass to me. He has limited my area to find a job because I don't drive and I have no money to take a bus. I have to walk there. So something around Union Hills and 7th Street is my area. I don't want anything dealing with a gas station/convenience store. Most of my experience came from that and I have health problems because of it. So help is very appreciated and as I said I have a limited amount of time.

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10 Jun 2014 22:52 #1906 by SoulDiamond
Replied by SoulDiamond on topic Jobs in Deer Valley
You need to build yourself a resume and post it, and I know you can always take out your piercings when you work and put them in afterwards. My family is even willing to help you build a resume and find a job. It is only going to be as hard as you make it and remember you are not the only one that is suffering too. I love you!

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