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Phoenix meet proposal - Old Chicago and Microbrew

19 Apr 2015 11:00 - 19 Apr 2015 11:01 #2727 by TheDesertFox
Hi all,

Way back around 2012, we used to have a weekly meetup event where folks would show up around 6 PM just in time to order pizza, appetizers and beer for happy hour. Man, those were the days and I miss them!

I'd love to gauge interest for a 21 and over meetup like this again. Who all would be interested? Old Chicago is in Glendale on the southeast corner of 57th Avenue and Bell Road near Sprouts Farmer's Marketplace.

I've also been thinking about running one time meets at various microbreweries across Arizona such as Lumberyard Brewing in Flagstaff, Rock Bottom in the North Valley and Four Peaks in Tempe. The idea would be to show up as a group, try some unique brews, kick back and relax.

Let me know your thoughts and whether this sounds fun.

- The Desert Fox
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21 Apr 2015 09:42 #2728 by Hauke
I wonder if you could get something going at the Talking Stick casino's cigar lounge. It's a nice little bar...I suppose you have to have some tolerance for smoke, but it's open to the outdoors in parts of it. And you usually can't beat a casino bar when it comes to drink prices.

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