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Photografur, always availble to schedule shoots!

01 Jun 2016 07:52 #4083 by PsycoTiger
So one reason a lot of people don't know me around the fandom, is because I have been focusing on various goals the past 5-7 years. One thing I decided to peruse, is a passion I had for the art of photography. I bought a brand new DSLR and I went to school and took every photography related course that community college had to offer. I have been working professionally as a photographer for about 5 years now.
Today I do various types of photography for various types of clients.
If you got a new fur suit ad need pictures to share with the world, let me know, we can schedule a shoot, and go out and make it really fun. Or of you want pictures of your new car or motorcycles, I'm known around the state for my automotive photos. If you have any reason to do photos, let me know, I'm happy to pick up projects of all types (yes, even erotic or nude photography, but all parties must be over 18yo, and sign a release) Please contact me personally about scheduling this kind of work.

I work with both Digital and Film Photography
I take all kinds of different projects big, small normal to obscure.
I have my own studio quality lighting equipment.
I work with various advanced photographic techniques.
I have experience working with models, and fashion photography
Product and promotional photography

And so you don't have to get lost on my website looking for pricing: My rates are pretty standard at $30/hr, with a 2hr minimum.
That means for $60, you get a 2-2.5 hour long shoot (usually go over a slight amount, but usually don't charge for a little over)This is enough time to do many poses, fun photography tricks , or even shoot at multiple locations. Comes with at least 15+ digital images edited and sent to you online. Fancy Photoshop composite stuff available for a slightly higher charge.

Basically put I do all the fun photography,
Soon, I'll be offering photographic Con badges that I plan to give out at cons for free
If you want to see my work , there you will find a link to my Instagram and Facebook as well.


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02 Jun 2016 09:57 #4094 by PsycoTiger
Here is a cool piece I made from a collaboration shoot last night. A 3D Comic Book cover, this is an awesome way to make art for your cos pay characters, what ever they may be. Contact me if your interested!


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