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Tabletop games

03 Sep 2016 12:53 #4322 by Hauke
Tabletop games was created by Hauke
I'm someone's backup plan for a sort of "manager" for a gaming club; the club has three advisers and I'm the third.

I was looking for interesting things the members might want to do beyond playing games (which is what they do at pretty much every meeting I've seen) and I was wondering: has anyone out there put some time or effort into making their own tabletop card or board games? They might find it interesting to talk with someone who's put in some time or thought into development.

We can also get money to go places or hold events if we submit paperwork for it far enough in advance. Are there cons in the state about gaming? I know AZ Furcon has a gaming room--do most cons? I never paid attention! :>

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09 Sep 2016 23:38 #4326 by Cagura
Replied by Cagura on topic Tabletop games
most anime and comic cons have game rooms with tournaments and the like. I am not sure about an AZ specific gaming con.

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