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What if....

02 Dec 2013 19:11 #33 by Uhhnonymouse
What if.... was created by Uhhnonymouse
I, being a somewhat poor-ish furry (that being said, NEVER GET A DIVORCE, NEVER GET A DIVORCE, NEVER GET A DIVORCE!), am a pretty zealous gamer. Somewhat typical for a early-20's furry male, right? But due to the fact that I'm not the richest person alive, nor as rich as I wish I could be, I am wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in a VIDJA GAME EXCHANGE PROGRAM?! The idea is I, having a game that I love and have played to completion at least once, and have reached the point that I hate playing it over and over and over again. I know that Frank the Fennec Fox Furry has another game that I'm interested in, and am willing to lend you (pay attention, folks. Keyword: LEND) my game in exchange for the chance to borrow (again, pay attention. Keyword: BORROW) his game. After an agreed upon set of time, preferably after we each finish each other's video game to our satisfaction, we would return the video game to each other in the same condition that we received them in.
This is just an idea for me to get some games that I'm interested in.... On that note, I'm a PS3 guy...... if anyone's interested....

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05 Dec 2013 11:24 #94 by Antnommer
Replied by Antnommer on topic What if....
You still need to come over and play video games. :P

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