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Vampire the Masquerade

08 May 2014 04:03 #1645 by Sunshine
Darkest Greetings, Vampires.

Who here absolutely loves this game series? I've only played Bloodlines and I absolutely love it. This game might have modern day graphics, but it's awesome! I love it. Like with Bloodlines who remembers the Malkavian that is the business type and the sexy crazy type that thinks she has a sister who is actually her other personality?

Also when playing this game series, what clan do you prefer to be in? I actually love the Toreadors. Arts and Music. I could look at art and listen to music all day.

What is your favorite ability? I actually like celerity. I've always dreamed by being as fast as the wind.

Who is your favorite character? Honestly, I love the Anarchs from Bloodlines and with that being said, I love Nines. Go figure, right? Lol.

Also anything else dealing with the game series that you can come up with you can post here as well.

Happy biting.

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15 May 2014 17:35 #1758 by HerrAardy
Replied by HerrAardy on topic Vampire the Masquerade
I've played this game a couple times, it was definitely one of my favs.

I'm all about Malkavians. My first playthrough was with a malk and I haven't been able to complete the game with any other class, ~insanity powers~ are just too much fun. It's been too long since I've played to remember all the characters, but I'm sure Smiling Jack would be up there for me. Oh, and Officer Chunk. <3

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03 Jun 2014 03:39 #1879 by Sunshine
Replied by Sunshine on topic Vampire the Masquerade
I do like the Malks as well. When I was actually larping for VtM, I couldn't decide if I wanted to be Toreador or Malkavian. So I decided with an insane Toreador. Lol.

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10 Jun 2014 10:13 #1905 by Chance/Miyu
Replied by Chance/Miyu on topic Vampire the Masquerade
its been ages sense i've played this, my last vamp was also a malk, he thought he was the joker from "the batman" a nosferatu thought it would be fun to warp his face to make what he would see in the mirrior. lol

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