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Cards Against Humanity

01 Jun 2014 21:47 #1856 by Loki
Cards Against Humanity was created by Loki
Hey everyone I thought that we could play Cards Against Humanity online in order to just relax and meet new people. I will be hosting a game on

Just look for a Lobby called AZFURS, and the password will be Cards Against Furs.

I will most likely host a game June 2nd starting at 7pm Az time of course. As well as June 3rd and possible June 4. May also be other times this month. Post below if you are interested. Otherwise it might not happen.

Hope to host this. Would be fun as I only personally know two other furries and would like to meet others.

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20 Jun 2014 10:02 #1935 by Scion Gearz
Replied by Scion Gearz on topic Cards Against Humanity
I definitely need to meet more people, and I'm up for that sometimes. But it also can lag me out :/ Sad day. Anyways, I'm up for a few games for the worst of furs. ;)

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