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Dani's Artsy-fartsy Spot.

23 Mar 2014 23:12 - 25 Mar 2014 19:11 #1533 by Danichuu
It's really late at night and I can't sleep and I'm feeling sick, so why not make an art thread? ^_^; Some stuff is a tad old, though!

I mostly draw kemonomimi/ anime-animal people, but I'm trying to get back into drawing furry once more. They're cute and fun to draw and I miss that!
Most of my stuff is on my furaffinity page:
(as well as some pretty blah SL mods and like, two selfies, SORRY.)
And I have stuff on my art tumblr:

Uhm, here's the last few things I did!:

One commission I had for a friend on SL!

Latest scribble, an attempt at my Floran character from Starbound

A character of mine. She's a pug girl.

And a gift art I made for my mate last year!

And, have a selfie, my profile picture in it's scribbly glory:

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]
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25 Mar 2014 02:50 #1534 by Mara
Replied by Mara on topic Dani's Artsy-fartsy Spot.
Very cute! I really like your style ^.^

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19 May 2014 10:28 #1793 by Linx Aether
I like this owo
You should join the Draw every day post. :3

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