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Reepir Madness (Art and Asundry)

10 Jul 2014 23:23 - 11 Jul 2014 08:49 #2040 by Reepir
So this will be a thread for my art. A place you can feel free to comment, critique and let me know what is good or not. I am open for commissions always I just will let you know how busy I am at that exact moment you ask.

I also have an inkbunny and a Deviantart but neither is used. I used to go by the name Rayne (still do irl, after all it's on my driver's license) or shinigamihaku.

A little about me.... I have never taken an art class. I just learn from looking up more and more information on what I like to focus on. I live in Tempe and love to draw as a hobby. I have a full time job so this is not the most important thing to me although I do treat it as business.
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11 Jul 2014 01:01 #2041 by Otteronymous
Impressive work bud, thanks for sharing!

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