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Coming out of the shadows!

29 May 2016 18:15 #4071 by PsycoTiger
Hi everyone. PsycoTyger here.
I'm a 28yo male Bengal Tiger, Happily mated. I have been a furry for years, but I have not been active in the furry community in quite some time.
Years ago, i used to hang out with a lot of furies, but I dunno how many of them are still around.
After getting together with my mate, both him and I have had less interest in hanging out with other furs just for the amount of drama they can bring.
Since I've been an active member in the faction, I've goon to school to learn MUCH ARTS.

My main focus has been photography, I've taken every class that community college has to offer for photography. I have been working professionally as a photographer for the past 5 years. A large portion of my work includes taking portraits of little league players and coaches in the valley, but I do all sorts of photography. While I was in school I also took some drawing and painting classes, though, my skills in these areas are a bit less developed.
Now I'm on the verge of starting up my own wedding photography LLC. which is an exciting and scary new start for me as a photographer, but I'm looking forward too it.

Main interests outside art and photography would be cars. Before I took time to invest into my art skills, mechanics was my area of expertise. With my dad being a heavy equipment mechanic, I learned about mechanics at a very young age, I've worked on cars as early as I can remember. While I don't with to peruse mechanics as a career, so passions cannot die. I've owned more cars than can be counted in an afternoon, I've owned many types of cars, built by many manufactures. I'm keen on participating in different automotive sports such as Auto-X, Rally-X, drag racing, maybe drifting if I feel like braking things. Currently, my cars of choice are Subaru's. My faster project car, currently under construction, is a 1994 Impreza, that has a JDM WRX Turbo engine swapped into it. The Daily is a 1998 Subaru Impreza outback sport, It is lifted using suspension from a Subaru Forrester, light truck tires, brush guard, and off-road lighting. It is powered by a modified Subaru 2.5L, using the heads from a Subaru 2.2L, creating a high compression 2.5L that gives my car enough grunt to tow a trailer or boat. The mates car, is a 1995 Mazda Mx-5 Miata, this is a nearly completely legal race car. The car has has as much weight reduction as track legal, no interior, roll bar (used to be a full cage), racing seats, harnesses, detachable wheel, racing intake, exhaust, Limited Slip Diff and coil-over suspension. Aside from having no roof, doors, radio, a/c, heat, power steering, carpet, or trim peices, the rest of the car is mostly stock, stock engine internals.
I used to be big on computers, games, and technology, but i guess I'm getting too old to enjoy them like I used too.

Anyhow, I tried to introduce myself and spent forever describing cars, so i guess, Hi, if you have questions, ASK!

See My Arts:


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30 May 2016 20:11 #4075 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic Coming out of the shadows!
Welcome on board here!

Your name's familiar, maybe I remember it from the Yahoo Mailing List days (if you date back that far).

So, Suburus. I'm thinking of getting a replacement used car this summer. It's interesting to hear what people with expertise want for themselves.

Maybe I'll see you at the Grid!

Bawk Bawk Bawk-a-thrice Here comes the Cockatrice

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31 May 2016 07:30 #4077 by PsycoTiger
I remember your name, I have no clue if we ever met, it's all been so long, but I do date back that far, been with my mate for about 6-7 years now, been a furry about 4-5 years before that. So, at least 1 decade.

If you look at my line-up of Subaru, you might decide to look elsewhere if your looking for low maintenance. That aside, if you want a really multi use vehicle, Subaru make good ones. You want a fast fun car, Subaru makes them too. I am a very mechanically inclined person, I can handle maintenance, modifications, random and unexpected catastrophic failures of most types, and have my car back on the road in a weekend. This is not most people.
If you are not me, and there isn't a constant stain of grease on you hands, you might want something a little more simple. If you own one car, it should be best at doing what you do daily. But the more simple a car is, the less you need to worry about it. One of my best friends drives a 1991 Volvo 740 that he bought from a junkyard for like $600, he's been driving it for years, it's too simple to fail, though, by no mean a very nice car..


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01 Jun 2016 11:15 #4084 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic Coming out of the shadows!
I've currently got a 96 Buick Century that was, until recently, pretty reliable. But it's had a variety of expensive problems lately. I can still drive it but I don't trust it anymore.

I'm looking for used cars, and I can't really say I've had much of a hand in the maintenance of the Buick..and probably won't do much with whatever the new car is.

Bawk Bawk Bawk-a-thrice Here comes the Cockatrice

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