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07 Feb 2018 08:24 #4480 by Jayden
Hey fellow social rejects, I just heard this site was back up, guess I have to do another one of these :u

My name's Jayden but I also go by xXFoxxyFemboi69Xx(OpenRP)(OpenDms)(Owned) <--- That's a joke by the way .-.

Welp, I've been a fur for about four years and I don't even have a sona yet so i'm not the best but I love the community, people, and art. I want to get a little more active in it but I've been a bit too nervous to push myself out there, I actually just went to my first meet last night. It was really fun and everyone was super nice, I even got to hug two cute fursuiters >w< I'm pretty much your average fluffbutt

A little about me, i'm that twink who loves glowsticks and stuffed animals. I'll probably be the guy sitting in the corner reading or just following a group and laughing along ;3; Right now I work in retail on the weekdays and I do sign spinning for open houses on the weekends but I like to tell people i'm in Real Estate Marketing/Advertisement because it sounds better. I'm going for my Associates in Fire Science, I want to move up north or even to Colorado and hopefully become a wildland firefighter.

Besides that I love reading, writing, philosophy, anything outdoors, cooking, video games, music, I could go on for a while..

Don't feel shy to message me ^^

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07 Feb 2018 10:19 #4482 by Hauke
Hello there, welcome to the forums!

Did you have to demonstrate any sign spinning skills to get the job advertising for the open houses, or do they just give you a sign and hope you learn on the job?

And does Colorado have many wildfires? Maybe they don't make the news here like California and our own Arizonan ones do.

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07 Feb 2018 11:19 #4483 by Jayden
It's a bit of both, i've been with a few different companies. Some of them don't even toss, spin, or twirl the sign and they want you to just shake it, dance, and draw as much attention to yourself as possible. For the ones that do, we usually just meet up here and there and practiced together. Even then i'm not the best, I probably look like an idiot most of the time but hey for $12+ an hour I don't really care, especially during the summer. I do have a bad habit of changing little jobs like this though, not even three months ago I was a maid :u

Colorado has it's share of wildfires but there's a larger demand down here, i'd probably have to volunteer for a year or two before I could get a paid position up there. I might not even move, I just dislike living down here near Phoenix. I prefer it up North out of the city area, I might just join a handcrew, get some experience, then try my best to join the Hotshots up in Prescott.

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08 Feb 2018 08:11 #4493 by Hauke
People in the Phoenix area tend to forget that not only are there other cities, there's a whole wide state that varies a LOT from place to place!

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