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23 Jul 2018 18:09 #5076 by Jazmine Eddings
Heyhey! was created by Jazmine Eddings
Hello Local Furs! :) I'm Wolfy~ I've been a member of this site since forever (AZ fur basically all my life) but never touched it, and wasn't really too active in the local community until very recently. I figured I'd make a little introductory post on here so I can start being a little more active ahaha.

So as I said, I am Wolfy! I am known on Facebook as Jazmine Eddings, if I seem at all familiar to you. I am 18 as of January 4th, am moving to Tucson on the 16th for University (Bear Down, Wildcats!), and I have been a member of the fandom since about 2010-ish. Here's a mini "fun fact"-esque list, since I'm awful at introductions:
  • I work as a part-time freelancer in the fandom, and art is a huge passion of mine!

    I am Genderfluid! I use all and any pronouns~

    I have been in an amazing relationship with another local fur since 01-01-2018, and he has been my best friend for over 2 years <3

    I am a fursuiter! This is my sooot:

    I am a foodie, and have a bit of a secret love for cooking and baking. I like to play chef in my freetime, basically ahaha

I enjoy cooking, PC Gaming, music, art, and chatting it up with new pals! There's not a whole lot to me (or maybe that's just because I'm really shy LMAO) , but I'm aways open to chatting and making new friends. I was recently at IBFC 2018, and it was my first con in fullsuit (versus my old partial)! I hope I got to hug and take photos with a few of you on here~

So here's a little list of other places you can find me, chat with me, or just awkwardly stare at me:

My Furaffinity
My Instagram
My Facebook
My Steam Profile
Discord Tag: WhatthehellWolfy#5147
Telegram: @WolfyV

I'm unsure of what else to say, so.. hello! :3 Don't be shy, please, as I'd love to make pals who are like-aged/like-minded ^^' Hope to be seeing you around on the net, and in person <3

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25 Jul 2018 07:58 #5079 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic Heyhey!
Looking through your gallery, it do lots of close-ups of faces. Are they for badges, mostly?

I don't know if you've joined the AZ Furs SFW channel on Telegram yet, but that's a good place to find people (we're nearly at 400 members). I've heard Tucson has a specific channel but I don't know much about it, not being a member.

What's your plan for college? Do you have a major yet?

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25 Jul 2018 09:26 #5080 by Cyfur
Replied by Cyfur on topic Heyhey!
hi and welcome from a greymuzzle. hope you find many fur friends. Good fortune in Tucson.
In the land of my fursona, Tail High.

Try to live by &quot; life is what you make it, so make it a good one.&quot; from Doc Brown Back to the Future.

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25 Jul 2018 12:04 #5082 by Jazmine Eddings
Replied by Jazmine Eddings on topic Heyhey!
Howdy! I typically get a lot of headshot or portrait commissions, since those seem to be a popular option (and they're super fun to draw, so I'm not complaining!). :3

As for TG, I am a part of the Tucson furs chat, but I've lost the link for the SFW AZ furs chat, sadly :( If you could somehow PM me a link, it'd be greatly appreciated! :3

I am actually going to study Digital Illustration, going in for a BFA! :D I hope to someday be a fulltime freelancer, rather than just partime as I am now ^^

Thanks for the warm welcome :D

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25 Jul 2018 16:14 #5083 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic Heyhey!
It's actually on the home page if you scroll alllll the way down (for future reference). I believe it changes from time to time as more and more bots start using it to join. But I will send it to you in a message as well.

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