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24 Jan 2019 08:15 #5213 by Fireous Emauran
Herro! was created by Fireous Emauran
Hello everyfur!
Just moved to Phoenix from Pennsylvania as of last November and looking to meet new friends. I'm honestly very shy about meeting new people and quite antisocial... But, here goes nothing...
I'm currently living in the Glendale area and I'm trying to find someone who needs a roommate. I really need to get away from this neighborhood (Desert Star apartments...) and I need friends out here :(
This apartment place was the first one that called me back and I had no idea of the kind of people around here unfortunately.

Anyways, about me:
I'm 28, male, bi, polyamorous, fox, currently in a relationship. Met my boyfriend in Killing Floor 2 of all places, then moved out to Phoenix to be with him.
My interests include:
hiking, biking, urban exploration, electronics, some programming, gaming, and just making crazy random things that pop into my head at 3am sometimes!
I'm into scifi, horror, psychological thriller/horror, some fantasy, some action films.
and punk, metal, edm, synthwave, some emo, some dubstep, some industrial music.

It's a loooong story, like reeaaly long... It's the kind of story that could easily be a movie someday..
But yeah, long story short - I need friends in this new world and need to save up. So if anyone's interested in having a roommate and or just a new friend, let me know!

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24 Jan 2019 09:26 #5214 by Linx Aether
Replied by Linx Aether on topic Herro!
Welcome to Arizona :D
I have to say this first... I love Killing Floor, like omg, back when KF1 was the only one I ran like 20 servers XD
Don't let the anti social thing get to you. I know it is super hard, I used to be really bad at meeting people. I just kinda pushed through it and went to some of the local meets. If you can make it, every once in a while you will see Cobra Arcade Bar meet. It is a regular 21+ meet and it has a decent turnout, not too big not too small. :3

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24 Jan 2019 23:46 #5215 by Fireous Emauran
Replied by Fireous Emauran on topic Herro!
Hopefully when I get a better job and not night shift I will start attending some meetups.

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25 Jan 2019 18:00 #5216 by Nea Rose Symphony
Replied by Nea Rose Symphony on topic Herro!
Welcome to the oven! You'll get to know and love AZ. Since you say you're into hiking, Sedona and Flagstaff are great areas to check out on a trip. I believe there's a Sedona event happening this Sunday

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26 Jan 2019 07:06 #5217 by Fireous Emauran
Replied by Fireous Emauran on topic Herro!
Thank you! Haha, yeah. It's like moving to Mars. From basically a rain forest climate to a desert. Also from middle of nowhereville (one stoplight in the entire county) to Phoenix!
And yeah, I like it here for the most part. Summers are brutal, but doable. Unfortunately stuck here for a while though. Current job sucks and can't afford much travel or leisure. That will hopefully change soon though and I'll be able to go to some more meetups...

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26 Jan 2019 08:10 #5218 by Circuit the Floofy Robo Coyote
Welcome to Arizona not much to say but glad to see more furries are coming to Arizona!

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