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So yeah, that steampunk werewolf w/ the robot arm

27 Dec 2014 19:03 #2541 by WulfBane
I'm never good at these as it feels like I'm at some a support group. That's why I kind of put this off.

So I'll start by admitting I'm still at the "am I really a furry? And what does it mean if I am?" phase. I mean, sure, I've had a fascination w/ wolves, werewolves, foxes, and probably a bunch of mythical creatures for longer than I'd probably admit to (let's say its over 15 years). It's kind of that my self doubt is making me go back & forth if I'm ACTUALLY a furry or just someone who is a fan of the same thing as furies. I think some of it is a twinge of being afraid of being found as a "fraud" to a group, like when trying to fit in w/ "the cool kids" but being labeled an even bigger dork. (or maybe it's something inside just wanting me to be "normal")

But yeah, among other things I've been building my own props & using them to cosplay at various cons & events for several years. The last few years, I've been mainly doing Steampunk stuff and my primary character in that is my Werewolf Monster Hunter "Colonel Michael WulfBane" I've been portraying for going on three years now. Oh, and to clarify, he is a Werewolf that makes a living Hunting Monsters. I've always played him looking human but with hints that he may be hiding something.

That is until this last summer where I started building parts for the werewolf form of WulfBane. "Were-WulfBane" made his debut at AFC and I also wore the werewolf version in the Tucson Steampunk Society's booth for about half the day the following Sunday at a Tucson Comicon (I did human form on Saturday & a generic outfit for the 2nd half of Sunday when I felt I had enough in the fur).

My other main Steampunk character I've gone out as is Gaslamp Green Arrow (complete with boxing glove arrows). And for Fanfest, I built a FNAF inspired mashup of Foxy & my WulfBane character I named "Wulfy", but would respond when people said Foxy, Steampunk Foxy, or even Freddy (he is brown and I realized after that the FNAF-ification of my top hat made it look similar to Freddy's hat)

So yeah, I figured the best way to introduce myself is to start off by describing what I've costumed as in case you may have seen that and to better attach a (screen) name & personality to a costume. As for me, I've got a bunch of pics of various things I've made on DA & FA under the name WulfBane023. And yeah, I live down in Tucson.

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29 Dec 2014 17:24 #2552 by Linx Aether
Welcome to Furries Anonymous @WulfBane

X3 *waves*

I am the admin, Hear me mew!

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