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Short Stories

02 Jun 2014 14:24 #1868 by Loki
Short Stories was created by Loki
So I might be willing to write some free short stories when I get the time in between everything else in my life and writing my novel so yea if you would like one let me know and I might be able to do it.

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02 Jun 2014 19:10 #1871 by SoulDiamond
Replied by SoulDiamond on topic Short Stories
I was working on a story before but I do not have a lot of time lately. You can PM or Skype me of you want to talk.

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03 Jun 2014 21:04 #1883 by Hauke
Replied by Hauke on topic Short Stories
I'll write short stories on request!

They might be pretty short, though. :>

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