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Where do you look for publishing opportunities?

30 May 2015 20:43 #2774 by Amethyst Vertigo
Hello all. I try to write a lot in my free time, and was wondering where those who write anthropomorphic pieces seek in terms of the writing markets? I am working on getting published with the Dragon's Hoard anthology, and also, for those already published, you can probably get good networking through the Furry Writer's Guild, as you have to have a certain number of stories published to become part of the Guild. It's one of my goals, and I learned a lot about them at the 2015 Further Confusion convention.

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31 May 2015 12:51 #2782 by Hauke
I've been a member of the Furry Writers' Guild for a while now...they always have announcements and conversations about anthologies and con books looking for material. They tried out a "mentor" program a while back, did you get involved with that? Some of the mentors have books of their own published (not as part of anthologies or in zines) so they might have some advice.

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