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This is Alida the Protogen I hope you all like her. Name: AlidaGender: FemaleSpecies: ProtogenRarity: Uncommon Background Alida was first made to be a researchers assistant for a Primogenitor scie...

This is Alida the Protogen I hope you all like her. 

Name: Alida
Gender: Female
Species: Protogen
Rarity: Uncommon


Alida was first made to be a researchers assistant for a Primogenitor science. Her DNA was altered to have extrasensory organs on her head (antenna) to help with field research she also was built with extra internal memory storage to make it easier for her to remember large amounts of data this made her an uncommon Protogen. Being an uncommon Protogen Alida's Arcaites would sometimes not function properly making her have a little more free will than the common protogens. when her Primogenitor master started to treat her coldly she would sometimes not obey their orders her Primogenitor master not needing a Protogen that wouldn't obey their commands decided that she wasn't needed so she was dumped and abandoned on one of the ESMIRE 4's moons the moon is known as E1. As she wanders around the moon she came across other abandoned Protogens like her soon after they started to make a community together to help them survive on E1 better. One day rare protogen came to their town asking for asylum in exchange they would help us learn the mysterious force that is Arcai. With Alida's researchers experience, she dedicated herself to help her fellow Protogens learn more about Arcai, and with time she was able to use enough Arcai to nullify the infused Arcaites within her giving her complete and total full free will. To this day Alida assists in the research of Arcai to help make life better for her fellow Protogens and so all protogen someday will have complete and total free will. 


Protogen species by: Malice-Risu
Oc made and owned by: dragonight1993

Please DON'T: Copy, Trace, or Claim this as your own thank you.
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This is My Second Furry Character.

I'm Still In The Process Of Making The Character But

Once The Character Is Made I Will Let You All Know.

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submit some pics for me to photo shop them then once im done i willsend it to you 

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