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Running Red Lights

 I was thinking about everyone driving to and from the BBQ meet (and probably other meets) and ran across a map in an article from  (Support local news sources!) Map of red-light runner crashes A lot of them seem random but around many streets that are exits from highways, there are little groups of them--as if people getting off of the freeway think they're still on it? Or people in a hurry to get to the onramp risk going through the intersection?  I have friends...

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Custom Fursuit Cost?

Does anyone know how much a custom fursuit is?

Thanks- Icicle the Foxky

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Best Indian Restaurant in Sydney | The Grand Pavilion

The Grand Pavilion One of the Best Indian Restaurants in Sydney, Committed to providing the most innovative Indian cuisine in Sydney. They offer a deliciously mixed bag of starters, soups, main course, and desserts and their rates are too low as compared to other restaurants. They provide the perfect place to spend time with your family and friends while enjoying food. Visit our official website for more information. The Grand Pavilion Call us:- +61243417234Site:-

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hello i kn...

hello i know is bin a long time sest i'v bin on but i hade school so it mede it hard to come on.

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Come hang out with us at our regular meets and events! We love meeting new furs and people who are interested in the fandom. Check out the Events section for more information.