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Donavan Tanner
Jun 22
Welcome, I am Curian and born and raised arizonan hailing from Lake Havasu, AZ. I just recently returned home from my 3 years in the army and am glad to be back even if it isnt in the best of shape. I do live with my parents i would say no suprise but then again they bairly survive with out me and I wouldnt have a roof over my head with out them so at least im not living here for nothing. I am friendly and very cuddly at least that is what I been told. I sadly dont have a vehicle so no driving about for me, but that is a little my fault due to not saving but I say it was worth it going to AC this year ....especially being the only thing other then the military that I have gotten the chance to do so meh. Well Im going to stop ranting and Hope everyone has a beautiful 2015
Aug 01 2014

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Ryu Hyabuso
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Ryu Hyabuso
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