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That Amazing Fox

Last seen online, 4 years ago
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That Amazing Fox
Born and raised in the heart of the AZ desert. I stand six feet, five inches tall, a bit slim at 165. I have long brown hair and grayish blue eyes. I'm broke and out of work, living with my parents, and going to a community college. That pretty much sums up this place. I'm taking automotive tech at the college only for the degree so I can actually find a job, but that hasn't been going so well.

I love working on cars, taking stuff apart and putting it back together, video games, a variety of different music genres, playing guitar, fast cars, even faster cars, and going to the lake.

There isn't really much that offends me besides bad attitudes, and drama.

I'm quite the energetic fellow as 90% of all foxes are. I love to cuddle and play with those I've grown close to and trust. I'm trying to be better every day, but I have my heart scars, so that can be a bit tough sometimes. I don't lie, I don't do any harmful drugs, and I don't drink myself wasted. I'm a bit shy at first, but if you can keep my trust I'll be a friend for life.
Sep 29

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