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Basic Information
Display Name:
turbsie wurbsie
Hobby's: Digital art, Computers (and now solidworks), Screaming at Briggs and station's frigin camshaft issue that has been going on for over a decade, bikes (attempting to ride further than I can handle), building things (when I get the chance) AHA I found it! I forgot to add vehicles! (also very obsessed with tanks for some odd reason)
Fav Games: War Thunder (PC), Forza (any) (also if you do play any of these im always looking for people to play gets alittle lonely sometimes)
Fav music: any thing except, "some" hip hop, and most common radio songs
also: feel free to talk to me about ANY thing im very open (just don't talk about apple vs android), and willing to give support if needed.
extra: I have a diagnosis of PTSD from past abuse, and ADHD, so sometimes i might think your attacking me but its not your fault. (i also get depressed easily but that's not important)

(WARNING if you are over 18 proceed with caution may contain defensive countermeasures)

(blah blah blah i kinda doubt anyone has ever read this whole thing)

I always ask my self, why do I keep trying? Well its simple because the only way to learn anything is to fail at something. in that failure is where you will find success. (song of encouragement )

Additional Info

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Fursona Description:
electricblue with yellow sections around the torso, front and back legs, and head.
Contact Info
@Turbo_charged_wolf (
TuRBo charged WoLf#5209
Steam ID:
Xbox Live:
TuRbbOs ChArgEd
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