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Magic Wolf

Last seen online, 1 year ago
Basic Information
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Magic Wolf
Hi, I'm Magic Wolf. I have been part of the furry fandom for about four & a half years, but I recently started to become more active in the fandom in summer 2017.

I am an artist, and I'm hoping to get better and gain a following through my art and join those who make furry art for a living.

I consider myself straight, although I do find myself attracted to males sometimes, but that's very rare, and they usually just end up being furry characters, rather than actual people. Therefore, I consider myself straight for simplicity sake.

I'm hoping to make some friends in this community, although I can be shy at times. So I would really appreciate it if some people would come say hello to me at events.
Feb 22

Additional Info

Fursona Details

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Fursona Description:
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (Mostly)
Favorite Music: Electronic
Favorite Food: Orange Chicken (Chinese)
Personality: INFP

Magic Wolf is laid back, and born with magical powers. Although he is yet to fully understand what these magic abilities and can do, he spends a lot of his time in his secret den practicing and learning the magic that possess. He is very laid back, and often easy to approach, but ironically, he struggles to approach others himself, and is often shy around large groups of people. But when brought in a conversation, he will usually speak his mind on a certain topic, no matter how unpopular of an opinion is may be, and is open to hear any counter argument. He tries his best to be as accepting as possible, since he feels that acceptance is lacking in modern society, and believe that everyone deserves as chance to be loved in some way.
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Magic Wolf
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