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Nea Rose Symphony
Hey! I'm a local furry and hobby artist in East valley. I run an arts business with my fiance over at @SymphoneaStudio on Twitter, Telegram, and Fur Affinity. Commissions are open. Just PM any of these accounts

•Has a slight obsession with cetaceans
•Engaged to FurrSymphony
•26 years old

*****I DO NOT ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS UNLESS I KNOW YOU IRL!!!!! My fiance and I go to cons and a few of the meets so feel free to say hey there if you see us, then add me later*****

I first started doing art in 2005 with whales and dolphins but switched to furries in early 2017. If you want to check it out, you can find what I and the fiance are doing at these sites:

•Instagram: (personal and art)

@NeapolitanCat (personal)
@SymphoneaStudio (art commissions)



•Tik Tok: @neapolitancat

•Fur Affinity: @SymphoneaStudio
Nov 28 2018

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Fursona Description:
Nea Rose Symphony has had quite the troubles in life (which reflect all the troubles I have gone through for the past several years) but that's a story for another day. Though she struggles at times to this day for what the past has done to her, she tries to do her best each day and make the most of life. This attitude of trying to be free of life's burdens helped her grow wings to fly free with. She's an artist and lives with her hubby, the bloo woof

Nea will be made into a Thunderhowl fullsuit in 2020

I also own a premade partial suit by It's So Fuzzy for Avalon, the tiger, with similar colors to Nea
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